Lucie Viatgé | 2D & 3D Game Artist

Anarcute is a 3D action game. You embody a crowd and destroy cities while rioting against evil forces.
Although we're still students, we created our own studio (Anarteam G.I.E.) and are developing the game for Xbox One, PC, and more.

Credits: David Rabineau, Mathieu Leclercq, Flex Roman, Tom Victor and myself.

Awards & honors:
"IGF - Best Student Game, Honorable Mention" - January 2016
"Unity Awards - Best Student Game" - September 2015
"Indie Games Play - Play With Heart Award" - March 2015
"Ping Award - Best Student Game" - October 2014
"Microsoft Imagine Cup - World Finalist" - July 2014
"Microsoft Imagine Cup France - Gold Medal" - April 2014

My role on Anarcute:


Character design, modeling, texturing

Props & Environment

Tokyo, Paris, Miami, Reykjavik & more

Concept Art

Reykjavik from reference pictures

Communication & Marketting assets

For Steam, website, flyers, etc.

Level Building

Integration & levels decoration in Unity

2D Animated Cutscenes

Storyboards, 2D assets & animation in Unity