Lucie Viatgé | 2D & 3D Game Artist

Anarcute is a 3D action game about cute rioting against mean and oppressive corporations!!
We were still students when Anarcute became part of the ID@XBOX program in 2014. We founded our own studio, Anarteam, and released Anarcute on Xbox One and PC in July 2016, one month after our graduation.

Credits: David Rabineau, Mathieu Leclercq,
Flex Roman, Tom Victor and myself.

"IGF - Best Student Game, Honorable Mention" - January 2016
"Unity Awards - Best Student Game" - September 2015
"Indie Games Play - Play With Heart Award" - March 2015
"Ping Award - Best Student Game" - October 2014
"Microsoft Imagine Cup - World Finalist" - July 2014
"Microsoft Imagine Cup France - Gold Medal" - April 2014

My role on Anarcute:


Character design, modeling & texturing


Props design, modeling & texturing

Concept Art

Anarcute takes place in real cities

Level Building

In Unity

2D Animated Cutscenes

Storyboards, 2D assets & animation in Unity

Marketting assets

For Steam, website, flyers, etc.