Lucie Viatgé | 2D & 3D Game Artist

I take part in a lot of game jams, in order to sharpen my skills, my efficiency, my decision making and also as a great way to have fun and create new things really fast! Below is a list of some game jams games and other team projects I've been involved in.
Pictures are chosen to be representative of my role in the project, and not of the project itself (except for Strawberry Feed Forever).

Grand Maestro - Dziff, Titouan Millet, Flex Roman, Pietro Ferantelli, Boris Kalimaga, Guillaume Noisette & myself.
Strawberry Feed Forever - Typhaine Uro & myself.
Ghostring - Tom Victor, Flex Roman, myself.
Ibiscvs Svnrise - Pol Clarissou, Louis Gautier, myself.
Fishbones - Titouan Millet, Pol Clarissou, Héloïse Lozano, Typhaine Uro, Flex Roman, Tom Victor, myself.
No Kansas - Titouan Millet, Tom Victor, Armel Gibson, myself.

Grand Maestro

Concept Art & 3D assets - 2015

Strawberry Feed Forever

Code (C# in Unity) - 2015


Environment & Colors - 2014

Ibiscvs Svnrise

3D Assets - 2014


3D Assets - Fishes & sea creatures - 2014

No Kansas

All of the Art - 2013