Lucie Viatgé | 2D & 3D Game Artist

As a very curious person, I'm always seeking to learn new skills on my free time. That includes programming, sound design, game design & other skills. I like it when I'm not depending on anyone, and being able to prototype my ideas without any help.
Below is a partial list of games & prototypes I've made alone.

My hidden, personal & limited skills:
Scripting (C#) in Unity.
Game making in Game Maker.
Audio & Music in Audacity & Ableton Live8.

Generative Plants - Unity (C#)

Plant Breeding Prototype - 2015

Petit Monstre - Unity (C#)

Quest For Food & Friendship - 2015

Killer White - Game Maker

Investigation Game - 2014

Peaceful Greeting - Game Maker

Unknown Language Decryption - 2013

Shande - Game Maker

Runner Game - 2013

Spawneure - Game Maker

Hidden Creatures - 2013